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CCTVTECH has ascertained itself as one of the leading providers of analogue and IP based CCTV cameras, DVRs/NVRs and accessories in the worldwide security and surveillance industries. Since establishment, we have been committed to supplying all our partners with products boasting of superior quality and economic value, as well as professional services. Our products are always subject to innovation and quality-management in order to keep abreast of our competitors, as well as offer professional level services in order to obtain and maintain our partners' trust...... more

New elevator Surveillance solution using wireless technology

  • CCTVTECH have launched the new elevator surveillance solutions using Korean technology. Solution includes LED . . . .
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New release of long range laser camera Up to 10 kilo meter range

  • CCTVTECH have released the new IP, Long range , PTZ camera with attest laser illuminators for long range harsh . . . . . . .
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New Panoramic 6 MP Bulet camera with Korean technology

  • CCTVTECH have released the new 180 Deg , Panoramic , Rugged Bullet camera recently. This camera utilize 2 nos of 2MP sensors. . . . . .
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Special night vision surveillance equipment for Police & Military

  • CCTVTECH have released the new laser night vision surveillance equipment’s for Police and other defence segment . . . . .
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Industrial Video Drain/Pipe Inspection Camera

This Video Drain/Pipe Inspection Camera, equiped with a Sony CCD Camera and a 20m, 30m or 40m cable reel, is designed for inspection of internal pipelines, drains and sewerage systems. It's also suitable for inspection of ducts, chimneys, machinery and building.. . . . . . .


PB 1080N

High cost-effective

Enjoy 1080P in the price of 720P


2 MP- HD Dome - Map Demo

Maritime night vision systems

Special Night Viion Equipment

Driving safety system Video